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How is the Gurdjieff Work organised in Ireland?

How is the Gurdjieff Work organised in Ireland?

The Gurdjieff teaching was brought to Ireland several decades ago in response to a questioning need for an undertsanding of oneself, and ones place in the World. The teaching nurtured by teachers who worked either directly with Mr Gurdjieff or under the guidance of his closest disciples, has now established roots and is steadily growing in Ireland.

How the Gurdjieff 'Work' translates into practice, has been well documented by those who lived and worked at the Chateau du Prieuré outside Paris in the 1920s. It is no different today in London, Paris, New York, and in many other cities and locations around the world. In Ireland, there is a geographic distribution of group members throughout the Island inculding in Dublin, Galway, Cork and Belfast. Collectively members meet for weekends or weekly sessions at a residential property owned by the group in the midlands.

There men and women come to the 'weekends', each pursuing both an individual and collective search. Each acknowledges that it is only in these group situations that this inner search is more possible. The Movements, an integral part of the teaching, are taught. The type of practical work has not changed with time, and the kitchen and gardens of the Prieuré have their counterparts here. The purpose is the same, in keeping with an injunction of Hermes Trismegistus or Socrates: 'Know Thyself'


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